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    Patient Set

    Sterile apparel for patients. A set designed for gowning patients undergoing all types of implant, periodontal, dental surgery and maxillofacial procedures.
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    Doctor Set

    The sterile kit for routine procedures. Specially designed for use by dentists during short procedures.
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    Assistant Set

    For assisting during dental procedures in complete safety. Specially designed for use by assistants during short procedures.
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    Implant Set

    The best possible protection for all implant procedures. Specially designed for implant surgery. Produced in conjunction with experts in dental surgery..
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    Base Set

    All of the essentials for use before the start of every procedure. Specially designed for implant surgery. The product of joint studies with experts in dental surgery. A modi ed version of the Implant Set.
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    Surgery Set

    Complete protection for a successful surgery. The new ALLE Surgery Set is designed to optimize all surgical procedures. Designed specifically for the protection of the operator, an assistant, the patient and the equipment.
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    Protection Set

    Protect the patient and the work environment. A selection of sterile drapes and protective items to cover and prepare surfaces and patients during surgical procedures.
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    Drapes Set

    Sterile drapes that are ready for all needs. A set of drapes for preparing areas for surgery, designed for covering surfaces and patients.