Mechanical irrigation line

Mechanical irrigation line

An appropriate, well-gauged jet of liquid coolant can take a bur to optimum temperature. This can only be done with an irrigation system that has been specially produced for the different types of physiodispenser that can be found on the market. The tips of Alle irrigation lines can adapt to the different diameters of wand cooling needles.

Code Type Pieces Models
270602 1/2Y 10 W&H Elcomed 100/200 / Astratech Elcomed 100
270604 1 10 Nouvag TC3000, MD8000, MD7000, MD10, MD10S, MD11, MD20, MD30
270606 1/2Y 10 De Giorgi Steril Implant, Intrasurgery 2.0, Intramatic 2, Intramatic Plus
270607 1/2Y 10 Kavo Intrasept 905 / Mectron Piezosurgery II, Piezosurgery 3, Piezosurgery Touch
270609 1/2Y 10 NSK Surgic XT, Surgic XT Plus, Osseocision®, VarioSurg / Aseptico Aeu 6000-70V, 7000E-70V, 7000L-70V, 17Bv2, 26OS, 707Av2 / Bonart Piezo Surgical System
270610 1/2Y T 10 W&H Implantmed / Nobel Biocare OsseoSet ™, Elcomed SA-310, Piezomed
270616 1/2Y 10 W&H Elcomed SA-200C / Frios Unit E for Dentsplay
270617 1/2Y 10 KaVo Intrasurg 300/500, Intrasurg 300 PLUS, Intrasurg 1000, Intrasurg, 1000 Air
270618 1/2Y 10 Bien Air Chiropro 980 / BioSAFin Easy Surgery, MyTUTOR / EMS Piezon,Master Surgery® / Esacrom Surgysonic I Surgysonic II, Surgysonic, Moto
270621 1 10 KaVo MASTERsurg, EXPERTsurg
270622 1 10 Nouvag Physiodispenser 2000

*All brands mentioned are registered and owned by the producers.


1 – Single irrigation
1/2 – Internal and external irrigation without a Y-connector
1/2Y – Internal and external irrigation with a Y-connector
T – Tap to connect a second irrigation line to a second handpiece or to connect an irrigator

Sterile irrigation and aspiration lines

Proper irrigation during the creation of an implant site plays an essential part in the crucial osseointegration of the implant and consequently the success of the procedure. The mechanical and manual irrigation lines are compatible with the main physiodispensers and automatic systems on the market. All of the irrigation lines are disposable Class IIa products that are subject to the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC.


  • Full compatibility with the main physiodispensers and automatic systems
  • Extremely high quality component
  • Sterility guaranteed for 5 years