Drape with central adhesive opening

Drape with central adhesive opening

The adhesive circular shape in the centre creates an effective sterile barrier for all types of surgical procedures.

Material: Nonwoven fabric + polyethylene
Color: light blue

Code Size cm Pieces
270215 50×50 / opening 6×9 100
270216 50×75 / opening 6×9 75
270217 75×90 / opening 6×9 50

Alle sterile drapes,
for an uncontaminated environment

When the rules of “draping” are followed, disposable sterile drapes help to create an uncontaminated environment, thus protecting the surgical area and the staff. A range of materials, sizes and models are available. They are made of a layer of soft, absorbent Nonwoven fabric and a layer of polyethylene film that creates a barrier effect and reduces the risk of postoperative infections caused by the migration of pathogenic germs.


  • U-shaped cut to fit perfectly around the faces of patients
  • The adhesive band prevents accidental contamination and movement
  • Made of soft, extremely breathable and water-repellent Nonwoven fabric
  • Water-repellent PVC side to create a barrier effect
  • Sterility guaranteed for 5 years