Tubing sleeve with fixing elastics

Tubing sleeve with fixing elastics

Disposable anti-reflective transparent polyethylene tubing sleeve with open ends. Elasticated and complete with a handy card fitter for easy insertion.

Material: LPDE
Color: transparent

Code Size cm Pieces
270310 120×7 10

Alle sterile protections,
for a completely safe
surgical field

A wide range of sterile products that are designed to protect a huge variety of surfaces and essential elements in surgical fields (such as tubes and wands), thus ensuring that the operating room stays uncontaminated.


  • Protection for all surfaces that are exposed to contamination but difficult to sterilize and decontaminate (such as handles and switches)
  • Disposable polyethylene tubular sheaths to protect tubes that cannot be sterilized
  • Sterility guaranteed for 5 years