Protection Set

Protection Set

Protect the patient and the work environment. A selection of sterile drapes and protective items to cover and prepare surfaces and patients during surgical procedures.

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Set Code Content Size cm Material Color Pieces
270107 Drape with U shaped cut without adhesive 100×150, cut 11×30 Nonwoven+polyethylene light blue 1
+ Rectangular drape 75×90 Nonwoven+polyethylene light blue 1
+ Rectangular drape 50×75 Nonwoven+polyethylene light blue 2
+ Tubing sleeve with adhesives 120×7 PVC trasparent 1

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A comprehensive line of disposable sterile sets to prepare surgical fields and protect dentists, assistants and patients. They are designed to offer an optimum response to the needs of all surgery procedures in dental practices. The contents of the sets depend on the type of procedure. Each one contains a number of sterile products to meet the requirements of different protocols. There are two sets that are designed for implants and another two that are designed for preparing surgical fields.


  • Designed to cater to the needs of all surgical procedures
  • Containing: gowns, surgical caps, face masks and shoe covers
  • Provided in compact packaging to optimize your storage space
  • Sterility guaranteed for 5 years